Beliz Iristay is a Turkish- American visual artist, born in 1979 in Izmir, Turkey and currently lives in San Diego and Ensenada,Mexico.


She moved to  San Diego on 2005 and build her ceramic studio in Guadalupe Valley, Ensenada, Mexico. 

In her work, Beliz often uses the venerable traditions of her home country(s) and combines them with contemporary techniques and visual arts . She collects the subject materials for her work from the traditions and politics of the countries she is living in. 

 She has been showing at international art fairs such as  SOFA Chicago, Miami Red Dot Art Fair Miami, Los Angeles Art Fair with Sergott Contemporary.

Beliz now passes on her ceramic knowledge by teaching ceramic workshops in her studio TURKMEX  in  Guadalupe Valley in Ensenada-Mexico.  She does artist residencies, private commissions and public art commissions. She continues to explore new ways to develop her art in different forms. She now lives as a “border artist”  between in Baja California, Mexico and in San Diego, California with her family.

Artist Statement


I am a Turkish-American mixed media artist who was born and raised in Turkey and has been living in San Diego, California for the past fifthen years. 

Living around the US-Mexico border with my studio in Mexico, I experience both of these cultures first hand in my daily life, while also filtering them through the lens of the Turkish culture that I grew up in. My work thus draws on this layered and intersectional quality of culture, and reflects a strong interest in traditions,mysticism and gender (woman) equality. In my work, I explore the assumptions and taboos proscribed by religions and traditions across the cultures that I participate in, challenging their origins and authorship.

I enjoy mixing contradictious materials to showcase the cultural transitions that I am grounded in. I use recycled found objects in my projects: I carve out Mexican clay from the land, I recycle US manufactured glass laboratory tubes, and use recycled Mexican votive candles to create side specific installations.

I make my own journey to the "unquestionable" by creating, designing, combining and replacing different visual art materials and found objects.

My art seeks to challenge the common understanding of conventions by altering our perceptions through repurposed objects juxtaposed in innovative ways.