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02 April 2014

Resin Rod Installation

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In recent years, it came to my attention that some of the small wineries in Baja California,Mexico were replacing their 25 year-old vines with new plants because they were not productive anymore.
The old woody vines are gorgeously gnarled, evoking a life lived in service; a fitting metaphor for the exploitation of immigrant workers. Just like looking for a second chance in the USA, I aim to give the plants a second life, evoking endless growth through mechanical means.I have been experimenting with casting resin into recycled laboratory tubes. The reuse of the laboratory tubes also adds a reference to biological engineering and manipulation. I crossed these resin cast vines rods to USA from Tijuana-Mexico border. I gave a new life to each plant by placing them in another country as an installation piece. The rods,each being 44”long x 2”diameter. They are connected with nuts and bolts to create an installation that hangs over a ceiling.